05 October 2010

New Home for MAKAZI BORA

MAKAZI BORA has a new home in Mbagala. The MAKAZI BORA office is now located on Kilwa Road across from the Rangi 3 Bus Terminal and above Akiba Commercial Bank. The new office gives MAKAZI BORA higher visibility and makes it more accessible to clients as promotion of the MAKAZI BORA home improvement loan continues in the Temeke Municipality of Dar es Salaam.

MAKAZI BORA has 362 active clients as at the end of September 2010. An update of our first year of operations has been posted as a link on side bar of this blog. Habitat for Humanity Tanzania is currently seeking capital to scale up its housing microfinance program in 2011.


  1. Congrats for your new home and have a nice day.

  2. Have seen somebody in the picture above called Osnery Chakumpa. Can I have his mobile fone number?