21 October 2010

Decreased Average Loan Amount

As of the end of September 2010, the MAKAZI BORA program had disbursed a total of 379 home improvement loans and had 337 active clients. 81 home improvement loans were disbursed during the period of 1st July - 30th September 2010, with an average loan amount of 750,000 shillings (+/- $490). This average loan amount is slighlty lower than the previous average because MAKAZI BORA following some product feature changes in July. The maximum loan amount for first time borrowers was reduced from 1,500,000 shillings to 800,000 shillings. Repeat borrowers are now eligible for a maximum loan amount of 2,000,000 shillings for a second loan and 3,000,000 for a third loan. Most of MAKAZI BORA's active clients are still first time borrowers, resulting in the lower average.

In the first year of operations, the average loan period was consistently 16 months. With the decrease in the maximum loan amount for first time borrowers, the average loan period also decreased slightly in the last quarter to 14 months.

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  1. This is such a great cause, helping people to improve their homes. It's such a nice gesture and I think we should support this because in the long run, many people will benefit from it. Anyway, it's sad to hear this news. The more they decrease the benefits, the less you guys can help out.
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